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Who were the Percys?

To begin with, an excerpt from a Percy family website

Who were the Percy's?

Contrary to what has been previously written and published about the origins of the Percy's, they were not a Norman family descended from Mainfred, the Danish cheiftain who settled in Normandy before 886 as has been described.

What is true, is that the family's chief seat was at a place called Perci in Normandy and according to custom they took their name from their property.

The history of this great family prior to this is reflected in what is now known of their heraldry which all points toward their existence before they came to Normandy to near the town of Lille in Flanders.

The first member of the Percy family to come to England was Alan de Percy well before 1066. The next to arrive was William de Percy a son of Alan (1030 - 1096), and an intimate friend of William the Conquerer; he came in 1066 or 1067 and was known as 'Algersnons' due to his wearing whiskers. This William de Percy or 'Algersnons' established himself in the North of England immediately, and by the time Domesday Book was compiled, he was listed as being Lord of over 100 manors. His descendants bore the title Baron Percy.

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The Percy family

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