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Petworth House

Petworth, West Sussex

"Petworth House, was once a seat of the Percys, Earls of Northumberland.

Henry Percy, the ninth Earl (1564-1632), was the patron of Dee, Raleigh and Harriot and was known as the 'Wizard Earl' because of his interests in science and alchemy - see entries for Harriot and Dee under London.

There are two portraits of the Earl (one by Van Dyck) and a portrait of Prince Rupert (qv under Westminster Abbey, London, and under Oxford).

In the North Gallery is a large terrestrial globe by Emery Molyneux in 1592. Molyneux was the first maker of globes in England and this is believed to be the oldest example of his work.

Tradition relates that it was presented to the 'Wizard Earl' by Raleigh at the time they were both imprisoned in the Tower of London and this is considered a fairly reliable tradition.

There is also a smaller globe of 1750 showing Anson's voyage around the world in 1740-1744 (see Royal Observatory under London). The guide book does not indicate that Raleigh or Harriot ever visited Petworth. [Gervase Jackson-Stopes, Petworth House Sussex, The National Trust, 1973, pp.4, 16, 21, 38.]"

(pictures of Petworth by owlhere at flickr)

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